Environmental Justice

In 2007, the Unitarian Church of Calgary achieved recognition as a “Green Sanctuary.” Green Sanctuary is now a standing committee. Its goals are:

  • To build awareness of societal environmental issues among Unitarians
  • To generate commitment for personal lifestyle changes
  • To motivate Unitarians to community action on environmental issues
  • To build a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness
  • To build awareness of and rectify environmental injustices.


Green Sanctuary S.M.A.R.T. Green Resolutions

The Green Sanctuary Committee invites one and all to join our “Green Club,” for at least the first three months of 2018. The challenge is first to make a Green Resolution inspired by climate change. Second, send your signed resolution to Green Sanctuary Chair Carl Svoboda either by email or by a note in the GSC mailbox in the office.  You will be invited to share a ‘mid-term report’ with other Green Club members in mid-February and a ‘final report’ in early April.

SMART resolutions will be:

S – Specific: Goal explains clearly exactly what you want to accomplish
M – Measurable: Has measurable results
A – Achievable: Clarity about how the goal could be accomplished
R – Relevant – Related to climate change
T – Time-bound: Could be accomplished within three months

Examples from GSC members (maybe not perfectly SMART but genuine – we’ll confess shortcomings for the Green Club’s mid-term report.)

  1. My goal is to reduce my car use, which is known to be a large source of greenhouse gas emissions. I will do this by reducing my vehicle use by at least 15% over the next three months. For somebody that drives seven days a week, this target can be achieved by simply picking one day a week to find an alternative to driving. For the really ambitious goal-setters out there, this could mean recording our weekly mileage or gas consumption and using alternative transportation to cut that mileage/consumption down by 15%.
  2. I will monitor what my political representatives and news media are saying about issues related to climate change, and where appropriate, respond to them in writing, a minimum of four letters in three months.
  3. Over the next three months, I will find five different models of climate change predictions and compare them to suggest best and worst projections for where to live in 2050, taking into account all factors included in the models. (“Where” might be just locations in Alberta or just in Canada, depending on what I find.)


Green Sanctuary Film Nights

Join us for a movie with an environmental theme and a lively discussion afterwards. Everyone is welcome. Please check the Events page for upcoming films.

Green Sanctuary Gardening Talks

In partnership with the Calgary Horticultural Society and the Permaculture Calgary Guild, Green Sanctuary hosts gardening talks by prominent local garden experts. Gardening talks will resume in the fall.

Contact: Green Sanctuary Committee