Call for Nominations for the Panabaker Award

The Panabaker Award honours someone in the congregation for extraordinary services provided to the Church community, and we need your nominations. You will find the guidelines and list of past winners here. As well as new nominations, we welcome resubmission of previous nominations, as there have been times when we have had more than one deserving candidate and only one award. Nominations may be e-mailed to the Board Secretary or placed in the Secretary’s mailbox in the Church Office. Deadline for nominations: January 8, 2018

The 2017 William Irvine Justice Award Goes to:

UUC’s Board of Trustees and Social Justice Committee are pleased to announce that the 2017 William
Irvine Award goes to Susan Gillies and The Women’s Centre of Calgary!
As the Center celebrates its 20th anniversary and its 20th year with Susan Gillies as Executive Director, UCC celebrates The Women’s Center and its operating philosophy that every person has inherent worth and dignity.
“Every woman needs help at some point in her life,” says Gillies, “and every woman has something she
can help with.” That spirit of reciprocity has helped build a Center with 16 staff supporting 750 volunteers who help more than 8000 women a year meet their needs, from cup of coffee and a chat, to groceries and toiletries, to legal clinics and social service referrals.
Unique, independent, altruistic and pioneering, Susan Gillies and The Women’s Center of Calgary ‘s
contributions honour the spirit of William Irvine’s presence in Calgary.

MultiFaith Calendars are Here

An inclusive and comprehensive source of information for those who want to learn more about world religions. The MultiFaith calendar facilitates understanding of these religious occasions and festivals important to our diverse cultural society, providing a basis for discussion and involvement. Buying a MultiFaith Calendar also supports the Youth as they fundraise to go to great events like Youth Con and CanUUdle. Calendars are only $20. Look for the Youth during Coffee Time in Wickenden on Sundays to get your calendar! They make a great gift!

Time and Talent Auction 2018

It’s time to start thinking about our winter 2018 silent auction. What time or talent can you donate? You most likely have a service or talent you have not considered, but that would be valued by someone else.
What about donating chess or bridge lessons or a learn to knit session, French lessons or a ride on a motorcycle? Or what about a week at your cottage or timeshare, a dog sitting weekend or a day of sailing on your boat?
All ideas are welcome – Blank Bidding Sheets are available (Word or PDF). Just complete the upper section and email or place it in the auction mail box in the church office.

trc-logoDebra’s TRC Challenge

Rev Debra Faulk has issued a challenge to the congregation to read the full Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report Summary!