Pledges and Donations

The Unitarian Church of Calgary depends on Pledges and Donations for 70% of its funding:

Pledges – Pledges are the total or monthly donations that you intend to make for the operation of the church over the fiscal year. Pledges are recruited on an annual basis during our Stewardship Campaign, which begins in March for the next fiscal year (August 1 – July 31).

Donations – Donations can be made anytime to your pledged amount, to a specific fund-raising campaign, or to support a church activity of your choice.

Pledges – The Stewardship Campaign

The annual pledge campaign will begin in March. Each family or individual in the congregation will be asked to make a forecast of the donations they intend to make for the operation of the church during the upcoming church year, which runs from August 1 to July 31.  A pledge is not a contract, but simply a statement of intention, which can then be used by the church administration in preparing the annual budget.

How Can I Pledge?

  • Paper Forms: Most families in our congregation will receive a personalized pledge form on March 11th at the service or afterward by mail. But you can also print a Blank Pledge Form or ask a member of the Stewardship Team (identified by their hats!) before or after the services in March. Please bring or send in your pledge form for the Commitment Celebration service on March 25th.
  • Electronic Pledging: You can also pledge Online or by Email. Please do so by April 8th.
  • Pre-Authorized Agreement: If you wish your pledge to be withdrawn from your bank account, a Pre-Authorized Deposit Agreement (PAD) Form will need to be completed if it is the first time you have pledged in this manner. If you have already filled one out, you don’t need to do so again.

What Do I Get?

What do you get for your pledge to the Unitarian Church of Calgary? You enjoy the satisfaction of supporting the ongoing operations and mission of our church community:

  • To grow in wisdom: Sunday Services, Children and Youth Programs, Theme-Based Listening Circles, Adult Religious Exploration Courses, Introduction to Unitarian Universalism, Turn of the Wheel Half-Day Retreats, fellowship with a like-minded community and more!
  • To welcome and deepen relationships: Soupy Sunday Lunches, Sunday Coffee Time, Concerts, pastoral care and more!
  • To act for a just and sustainable world: Green Sanctuary Programs, Social Justice Initiatives, Caring Cooking Connection, Gay Pride Parade, Alberta Wilderness Association Tower Climb, Climate Action Rallies, “4 Others” Charitable Donations and more!


  • Look for members of the Stewardship Team in their wonderful hats before or after the services in March or contact the Team by Email.
  • Members of the 2018-2019 Stewardship Team are Mich Michell, Brandis Purcell, Anita Blackstaffe, Paula MacMaster and Duff Bond.
  • Download the Pledge Campaign Brochure.


You can use the PayPal “Donate” button below for donations for a specific purpose. You do not have to have a PayPal account if you pay with your credit card.

Specific Donations might be for:

  • a particular fund-raising campaign
  • a particular church activity, such as the Refugee Sponsorship Fund
  • the Endowment Trust Fund – This fund is held separately from church assets for the purpose of generating income for the church in perpetuity. Donations to the ETF can be made to celebrate a special event or person.
  • a contribution to your pledged amount
  • general church operations

To specify a specific fund-raising campaign, specific church activity or the Endowment Trust Fund, please type this information in the “Add special instructions to the seller” box which appears after you specify the amount (see example below).