Upcoming Services

  • Place: 1703 First Street NW (click to see a map)
  • Time: Sundays, 10:30 am to about 11:30 am unless otherwise noted. Additional services may be scheduled on other days and times.

Visitors are welcome any Sunday. Please stay for coffee and conversation following the service.
Bringing children or youth? Please see information about our Children and Youth Religious Education Programs, which run September through June. Our nursery is staffed every Sunday, all year, for infants or children who require supervision during the service.
Missed a service? Recordings of past services can be found on our Sermons page.

Summer Service Schedule

Summer Services are always a bit more laid back, but no less impactful. They give members of our community a chance to share ideas that they are passionate about; come see them shine!

Sunday, July 1, 10:30 am: Oh Canada!
An exploration of Canadian history through various thematic interpretations.
Presenter: Pam Rickey
Host: Penney Kome

Sunday, July 8: Stampede Breakfast.
Special drop-in times, 10:00-11:30
Pancakes, western wear, live music! Yaahoo!
Hosted by the Leadership Team

Sunday, July 15, 10:30 am:  Ish and the Abandonment of Perfection
Inspired by Peter H. Reynold’s children’s book, “Ish”. How to free creativity by thinking and acting “ishly.”
Presenter: Pam Rickey
Host: Marie Collins

Sunday, July 22, 10:30 am: The Growth of Humanity
Humanity: 1- Compassionate, sympathetic, or generous: the quality or state of being human. 2- The totality of human beings: the human race.
With the two very different definitions of humanity, what does it mean to be exploring the growth of humanity? And what really is the difference? We will be looking at how our personal and spiritual growth is different to the growth of human beings, and the human race – trying to understand the pros and cons to how the growth of humans has affected humans.
Presenter: Danielle Webber
Host: Donna Ontonio
Lunch after the service.

Sunday, July 29, 10:30 am: Lammas
Come and enjoy stories, songs and poems about Lugh of the Long Arm, and Lammas, the pagan festival of first fruits. We’ll be having garden soup and fresh bread. We’ll be going out into the garden to stand in the grass in our bare feet and say a blessing for a bountiful harvest. Bring your treasures that you wished to have blessed by the group, and a potluck soup if you can.
Presenter: Brandis Purcell

Sunday, August 5, 10:30 am: The Gospel of Middle Earth
Moral lessons and op2mism in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
Presenter: Holly Noelle
Hosts: Duff Bond and Mich Michell

Sunday, August 12, 10:30 am: Peace and Quiet (in the Absence of Earlids)
Insights about how noise affects communities and impedes communication, based on some issues from
her book-in-progress.
Presenter: Marcia Epstein
Host: Marie Collins

Sunday, August 19, 10:30 am: Life, Matter and the Universe
An exploration of the origin and evolution of life and its relationship to inanimate matter and the larger
universe; four billion years in fifteen minutes.
Presenter: Carl Svoboda
Host: Penney Kome

Sunday, August 26, 10:30 am: Around the Campfire
Amazing conversations happen around campfires, sometimes without words. Ahhhh, campfires. Oh, and
of course, singing.
Facilitators: Rev Debra Faulk, Dean Kasner and Brandis Purcell

“4 Others” Collections

Half of all non-designated collections will go to the charity of the month.


Wheelchair lifts from the street level entrance to both the main floor and the basement. Wheelchair-accessible washrooms on the main floor and the basement level. Large-print hymnals. Sound amplification devices for the hard-of-hearing

What to Wear

We tend to be an informal group.  Basically, no one really concerns themselves with what others are wearing. As long as you are comfortable and respectful to self and others, it really does not make any difference how dressed “up” or dressed “down” you are.
We are striving to be a scent-free space. Please refrain from wearing perfume, after-shave or other scented products.