Programs for Youth (ages 13-20)

“As Unitarian Universalists, our call to the work of youth ministry rests on our spiritual commitment to build the world we dream about — a world in which our faith communities welcome people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to join hands in nourishing our spirits and healing the world.”

— The Youth Ministry Working Group Report, 2009.

The youth group at the Unitarian Church of Calgary meets during service times (September-May) in the youth room, a room that has been decorated by the youth, for the youth. It’s a place where open discussion happens in a safe environment almost every Sunday. We talk about our faith. We talk about other faiths. We do fun activities. We talk service. We talk acceptance and openness. We talk video games. Most of all, we talk about the things we want to talk about that we don’t always feel able to talk about in other places, and we do it with respect and a shared sense of learning about each other and our world.

Youth meet upstairs in the main sanctuary until the “Time for All Ages” part of the service and then head downstairs and work with our youth advisor, Holly Noelle, and other adult volunteers. Alternatively, Youth are welcome to start downstairs if that’s more comfortable for them.


All youth in our programs must have BOTH an Information Form and a Release & Media Consent Form completed by a parent or guardian (one per registrant):

  1. REQUIRED Registration Form: Either print and fill out a hard copy and return to the DRE.
  2. REQUIRED Release & Media Consent Form: Print and fill out a hard copy, sign, and return to the DRE.
  3. Volunteer Form: Your participation, in whatever capacity you are able to give, is greatly appreciated. To best match our volunteer opportunities with your interests, please fill out our CYRE Volunteer Form and return to Sheila MacMaster, our Director of Religious Education.

Youth, parents, advisers, and youth allies are invited to join our Facebook Group.